About Me

About me

I qualified as a Chartered Counselling Psychologist in 2006 and have fifteen years experience of working in the NHS and more recently in private sector in which I continue to work as a therapist and supervisor. I offer services to work with a range of psychological issues including depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and more enduring personality issues. I use evidence based approaches to enable a positive process of change in the clients that I see.

I have extensive experience of assessing and treating clients across a broad range of healthcare settings, this has included work in GP surgeries, community mental health teams and an inpatient forensic service.  During this time I have worked with adults, couples adolescents and children experiencing emotional difficulties.


I have been repeatedly moved by the immense resilience that I have witnessed in people being able to transform their lives despite very challenging lifelong experiences. This also demonstrates that by understanding ourselves and our relationships with others, we can identify how we might become stuck. This entails not just understanding the past but being proactive about creating change in the present via learning new ways of coping. I will be aiming to work alongside you so that together we can gain a detailed understanding of the issue in helping you to move forward.  I believe in working collaboratively and sensitively to use my psychological experience to alleviate distress and facilitate change.

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